• Pharmaceutical Exporters & Wholesale Generic Medicine Suppliers

    Gaia Trade Private Limited is an established pharmaceutical trade company whose main activity is to wholesale and export pharmaceutical products. The company purchases its pharmaceutical supplies either directly from the manufacturer or from the manufacturers’ officially appointed distributor.

    Commitment to customer service and a quality product is our core value. Keeping the same in mind, we operate within the EU GDP standards.

    We have a very international team: besides our American and Indian pharmacists, our staff are fluent in many different languages, such as English, Hindi, Urdo, Konkani and Hebrew. In today’s global pharmaceutical trade market, this gives us the edge to be able to communicate with suppliers or customer’s own culture and needs.

    The Gaia Trade storage area is equipped with high quality facilities and a backup generator. The temperature is controlled and monitored by calibrated digital thermometers and is reviewed daily by our office manager.

    We have a strong global network, specifically in the UK, Israel, Canada and the US. We supply quality medicine at affordable prices.

    Global pharmaceutical exporters & wholesale generic medicine suppliers

    Our Mission

    To provide quality health care to all strata of society across the globe.

    Our Markets

    Wholesalers of bulk pharmaceuticals.

    Our Customers

    Wholesalers and distributors.


    Hospitals and administration sites.

    Clinical organisations.

    Government institutions.

    Pharmaceutical trade company

    Our Sources

    We source all our products directly from Indian pharmaceutical FDA-authorized wholesalers, trade companies or from the manufacturers, depending on the client’s requirements.

    Our Integrity:

    We guarantee that our products are 100% genuine.

    We will try to supply from the same lot or batch to maintain consistent efficacy.

    All our products are from reputed manufacturers.

    We only buy from authorized sources.

    We can offer:

    Samples of the product at the cost of the client.

    Pictures of the product.

    A copy of the purchase or delivery note.

    Our Strengths

    A wide selection of world class pharmaceutical bulk drugs offered in one location.

    A transparent system for fair business dealings.

    Supply-Management system for efficient process of the goods.

    Quality products, quality customer service, great prices.


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