• Global Pharmaceutical Export Services

    Gaia Trade services-

    1. Bulk/wholesale supply of end formulations and pharmaceutical products.

    • Gaia Trade exports end-formulation pharmaceuticals to worldwide locations.

    2. Worldwide sourcing of orphan medicines.

    • We source high quality and economical products through our worldwide network.

    3. Global Drop-ship of orphan medicine.

    • Using trusted third party pharmacies, Gaia Trade drop-ships orphan medicines directly to consumer’s location. We also help with import issues in most countries. (Against prescription)

    4. End formulation contract with Indian manufacturers.

    • Gaia Trade helps pharmaceutical marketing companies and pharmacies worldwide locate manufacturing units in India, and help with negotiation when needed.

    5. Temperature control facility and supply solutions for pharmaceutical exporters and traders.

    • Gaia Trade has a temperature control facility that complies with the EU GDP guidelines and full temperature control supply chain practice; from Gaia Trade’s suppliers till the client’s (worldwide) location.

    6. EU GDP practice Advisory.

    • Gaia Trade helps SM Enterprises to comply with complicated Standard Operation Procedures using simple and economical ways.