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    Taiwan International Medicare & Healthcare Exhibition

    18. June to Sunday, 21. June 2015

    TWTC - Taipei World Trade Center,  No.6, Sung-Shou Rd. , 11568 Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan



    Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs

    Implemented by

    Taiwan External Trade Development Council

    Supported by

    Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association


    Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
    5, Hsin-yi Road, Sec. 5, Taipei, TAIWAN

    Show Dates and Times

    June 18~20 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    June 21 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Exhibition Profile

    ■ Medical equipment (eg. hospital equipment, electromedical equipment, and anaplastic
    ■ Medical commodities and consumer goods
    ■ Apparatus for orthopaedic and dental treatment
    ■ Emergency medicine and rescue equipment
    ■ Rehabilitative and health care products
    ■ Diagnostic instruments and equipment
    ■ Laboratory and bio-tech apparatus
    ■ Medical service and publications
    ■ Sterilisation equipment
    ■ Surgery equipment
    ■ Mobility aids

    Exhibit Areas

    1. Medical Commodities and Disposables
    2. Biotechnology Equipment and Pharmaceuticals
    3. Rehabilitation Equipment, Mobility Aids, and Health care Products
    4. Electromedical Equipment, IT/Mobile Technology in Health Care
    5. Laboratory, Medical Test and Hospital Equipment
    6. Diagnostics Equipment, Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment
    7. Surgical, Dental and Orthopaedic Equipment
    8. Medical Service and Publications
    9. Manufacturing Equipment, Parts, Accessories & Materials
    10. Media

    Participation Information

    (1) All manufacturers, distributors, traders, and organizations covered by the exhibit profile are eligible to participate as exhibitors.
    (2) The organizer reserves the right to determine the exhibition eligibility of participants and the products to be displayed, and also the right to determine the location and the number of booths for each exhibitor.
    (3) Retail sales at the show are prohibited.
    (4) Booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    (5) The organizer will not act as a sponsor for exhibitors in their entry visa applications.

    For further information, please contact

    Ms.Irene Lin
    Exhibition Section 5, Exhibition Dept., TAITRA
    P.O. Box 109-865
    Taipei 11011, TAIWAN
    Tel: 886-2-2725-5200 Ext. 2857
    Fax: 886-2-2729-1089